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Updated: January 1 2019

What Is It

These are interesting things we have found over the years.

Not sure what they are or to what these belong:

Triggers Unknown: Has a  insert in trigger

Bolt for 22lr English proofed.

Bolt for 22lr Belgium marked.

Scope? Has reticle with tic-tack-toe lines.

Triggerguard looks like a M-71 Mauser but wrong length also with Swedish proofs??

Magazine, 9mm cal, never seen before. Possible Asian or Eastern Europe.

Solved  Norinco Model 77B 9mm (SOLD)

Magazine, 22 LR Pistol, 9 shot. Side mag release.


Magazine, 22 LR Pistol, 10 shot. Side mag release. 
Solved Star Model D (Sold)

Solved  ASTRA  Constable 22 LR (Sold)

Magazine 22 LR PIstol, 5 shot, Bottom mag release


Magazine 22 LR Nickled body  Looks like a conversion unit , but mag release is  too low.
Solved:  22conversion  magazie for  S&W  Model 39 by Peter Stahal  (Sold)


Magazine 22 LR  High Quality for 22 Bolt action.

Solved :  Steyr Zephyr ultra  high end  22 sporting  rifle. (Sold)

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