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33 Years in Business
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About Hoosier Gun Works
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 About HGW
  HGW is a family Owned Company  and operated by  Army Veterans.
My Wife and I are both US rmy Veterans.

 Hoosier Gun Works (HGW) started in 1989,
  We started from our Home In Indianapolis, Indiana,  working out of a one car Garage. From going to  local Gun Shows, with  a small box of spare parts.  and slowly adding more items as time went by, untill we got to  10 tables full of  goodies as we call em.  And  adding a 10  x 20 storage shed.

 In 1999 HGW added a web page on the internet. Our business really took off after making this move, with inquires flowing in from all over USA.  In late  1999 we bought out a  Distributor and  ran of room again.  And  stored  some stuff at a local storage facility.
 We do not have an Export license, therefore we are limited to sales in the USA. We have had to stop our own Gun Smithing operation, to expand our Parts business.

 In 2003  the City of Indanapolis and BATF  decided We had  gotten to big to be a home based business, and asked for  our Licences. That was during the era  tha BATF was downsizing  FFL's.

 So in 2004 we made the decision to move South to South Central Kentucky, outside  the small town of Park City, KY. ( near Mammoth Cave National Park). Near to my Wife's folks. Wide open spaces and  friendlier  Local Government.

We really have  grown since those early days.HGW has expanded it parts operations. We can now boast of having over 200,000+ parts, 1,000+ stocks, 200 +barrels and over 4,000+ original and hard to find factory magazines.

  HGW specializes in Gun Parts, Gun Stocks, Barrels and Magazines, but also deals in close-out and over-stocked goods. Many items are in limited supply and can not be restocked.

 HGW supplies many Gunsmiths, Gun Shops, Gun Distributors and even some Manufacturers in the Midwest and across the Country with Parts, Gun Stocks and other Merchandise.

 If you can't find what you are looking for online, call 270-749-2109 10 am-6pm M-F CST.

  We  don't  Twitter, Instgram , Facetime, or do  Text messages. We just never  got  started on those.
  We  will answer e-mail , phones calls and  even return those messages !

 We finally added a  online  store. Lots of  folks asking  for this. This i
ts just  items offered from several distributors, may not be in the  tore,. Most of our  items are not located there.
 Does not include  the  Items in our  Warehouse location

Visit our New  Online Store Shop at Hoosier Gun Works

We are located just Minutes  away from  Mammoth Cave National Park , In South Central Kentucky.    Come and  Spend the Day in the Area.
 We Do a Local Gun Show in Cave City KY several times a year. Others are to  far to  travel with  what  we have.

 In 2004 we made the decision to move, our Company.  The Company got  too big for its britche, and  City of  Indy wanted us out.. In September 2004 we moved to better and bigger digs. Moved 200 miles south, to Park City, Kentucky. Reconsolidating and getting back to the better half's family..

 The Move is done to Park City, Kentucky. We inventoried prior to moving in 2004 and still can't find some of it.    In  March 2007,  HGW purchaed the propery adjacent, a  bigger buliding 25'x 50' and now can re-sort  stuff we lost track of years ago. 

 With bigger area to work from we look forward to do more things we wanted to do earlier, manufacturing some parts,  possible duplicating stocks and more. And...We even have a small Retail store space.  But... still looking for some stuff  from the move ????.

 HGW is a family owned Company, run by US Army Veterans..

 HGW does not  export outside of the United States. Export restrictions are too numberous to deal with. (Canada included)

 HGW no longer offers Gunsmithing services..


HGW BUYS Parts !  

 HGW has a large assortment of new and used parts to draw from - Commercial, and Military Gun Parts. Military with strong leanings toward Enfield and Mauser military rifles. The biggest drawback was that we have more military than commercial parts but that is now changing .Online Parts Catalog!

HGW BUYS Barrels !  

 HGW tries to carry major brands shotgun barrels such as Mossberg, Remington, Winchester and Browning. New and used. HGW has new barrels for Mauser rifles, already threaded and chambered from a major manufacturer of barrels.  Also bought out a batch of O/U 12 ga barrels and stocks from an importer when they changed hands. Italian (Marrochi, American Arms, Sile).  Some New Colt pistol Barrels also.  Barrels


  There are well over 1,200 stocks in the warehouse from to A-Z.   Commercial as well as Military. Stocking factory new and like new takeoffs, as well as used, rifle and shotgun stocks. We buy stocks!!

We carried   RAM-LINE / Champion Target  synthetic stocks  for rifles and shotguns some still available. .And their Ruger 10-22  hi-capacity
magazines  too. We are a Vista Outdoors  Sporting Group direct  dealer.

 HGW keeps a small selection of Semi-Finished stocks as time and availability allows. All semi-finished stocks require sanding and finishing, no pad or buttplate provided unless stated. Stocks

HGW BUYS Magazines !  

 HGW specializes in older and hard to find original factory magazines.  Currently over 4,000 + original factory magazines in stock. We handle new and used magazines.

 We also have a large assortment of hi-capacity factory and good quality OEM magazines.
 If You
can't find it let us know we have an extensive list of Distributors, individual dealers and contacts to work with

No  aftermarket  Junk magazines (DH, USA, National, Western, etc.).  Our Customers Deserve  better.  

 Every once and a while HGW run specials on merchandise that just needs to move to make more room. This could be anything from parts, barrels, magazines, and computers to you name it
. Odd Lots

We have added a few of the 25 or so firearms that we have for sale, to the  web site check these out.  Most are closeouts or interesting pieces
. Firearms

We also have some part Guns, Actions, and Receivers for sale
Actions / Receivers. Parts Guns
We Buy Parts
HGW BUYS Parts !   We have to Buy to Sell  Wanted / Buying

 We buy almost anything gun related.  From parts in a shoe box, to footlockers under the workbench in the garage, or a gun store full. Or even your old projects that never seem to get finished. HGW pays more than other BIG parts suppliers, for your parts.

We have to BUY to SELL

 HGW no longer offers a printed catalog of our Gun Parts, Stocks, Barrels, Magazines and misc other goodies. We are sorry to have to stop this. But would  it would be out of date in matter of days. Parts change more often with the advent of our internet site, updated  weekly
. Much of our catalog is online (lots more that is not). Check out the Online Catalog!

We finally added a  online  store. Lots of  folks asking  for this. This its just  feeds of items from several distributors,.  Does not include  the  Items in our  Warehouse

Visit our New  Online Store Shop at Hoosier Gun Works

Most of our  items are not located there.

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