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Updated:  October  2016

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Winner of  the  Ruger AR-556 Raffle benefiting the Cave Country  Lions Club was Corey G. from Edmonton , KY
We're going to do it again, just in time for Christmas.

Raffle tickets available for  Ruger AR-15

 $ 10 ea only 300 tickets
Benefits the Local Lions Club, In Cave Cit y KY
Drawing 12/12/2016
Raffle Link

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Hoosier Gun Works (HGW). We're upgrading with the move we had in 2004 from Indiana, and are expanding the warehouse. We have attempted to add most of our parts to our computer, (lots more to add), to better serve you when you call. And we still have boxes and crates of goods stacked all over the place.

With the 2 additional phone  lines, we find it hard to keep up (keep trying you'll get us), or leave message, we will try to get back with a answer. E-mail too 24 / 7.

 Photos are being slowly added as we have time to do so, not all items can be done, 200,000 items to photograph is a lot of work.

To see more of our OLD NEWS Click  Here

Will be closed for  Following Holidays

Veterans Day November 11th
Thanksgiving holidays November 26th -  December 2nd
Christmas  24th- 29th
New Years  December 21-2 January

Our Company got too big for its britches. No where to expand at old location in Indianapolis,  Indiana. 

If you are a an old customer, and lost contact with us,  please check Contact Us page, for new phone and address. E-mail is still the same.

Sept 2004 
Moved  to better and bigger digs. Moved 200 miles south, to Glasgow, Kentucky area. Reconsolidating and getting back to the Wife's family.

June 2005 Still a lot of sorting to do, still stumbling over boxes full of stuff.

May 2009 We expanded to a new  Warehouse, lots more room, but stuff still just gets stacked up. With bigger area to work from we look forward to do more things we wanted to do earlier;  maybe manufacturing some parts, duplicating stocks and retail space

May 2012 We now  offer a small Retail Space on  front of the  Warehouse

May 2013  Business is Booming. Carrying more and more items

May 2104 Black Gun Business is slumping, too many companys  starting up. But  we are still going  strong

September 2014
Hunting  season is back in swing. Lots of  stocks and magaiznes  going out.

December 2104
Finally  got a VOIP  phone system should by pass  most of the  problems we 've been having.
March 2015
Finally gettin inventory more up todate. adding phots as time permits

June 2015
Working on the  reatil space to make it easier to get to .Summer time is time to catch up on those projects.

September 2015
Seasons are picking up and  we are busy.  Just aquires a Gun Shop that went out of bsiness years of  stuff to go thru.

Working on it

If you are a an old customer, and lost contact with us,  please check Contact Us page, for new phone and address. E-mail is still the same.

In a nutshell, the problem appears to be occurring in rural areas.
Where long distance or wireless carriers normally pay higher-than-average charges to the local telephone company to complete calls.
That is, in order for a long distance or wireless carrier to complete one of its subscriber's calls to a resident of a rural area, the carrier
must get the call to the exchange serving that resident (the local phone company), and then pay a charge to that local carrier to access
its exchange. The physical process of getting the call to the exchange is called "routing," and the charge paid by the long distance
company to the local carrier is called an "access charge." These charges are part of the decades-old system of "access charges"
that help pay for the cost of rural networks. To minimize these charges, some long-distance and wireless carriers contract
with third-party "least-cost routing" service providers to connect calls to their destination at the lowest cost possible.
Although many of these contracts include strictly-defined performance parameters, it appears that all too frequently those performance
levels are not being met or, indeed, some calls are not even connecting at all.

The FCC is addressing call completion and call quality problems affecting long distance, wireless, and VoIP calls to rural telephone customers on multiple fronts.

In October 2013, the FCC adopted new rules that will strengthen its ability to ensure a reasonable and nondiscriminatory level of service to rural areas. 
These rules are designed to improve the Commission’s ability to monitor providers’ delivery of long-distance calls to rural areas and to aid
the prosecution of violations of the Communications Act.  We also adopted a rule that will prevent the caller from hearing ringing before the called party's
phone in reality is ringing.

This is  still an ongoing problem and  may take  months  to  correct.

Interested in buying Military Mauser Rifles, as well as parts. Always looking for the following, M-1903's, M-1 Carbine, Garand and other military firearms and parts.

Send list of parts for sale or ship for evaluation.

Check out Odd Lots section in Catalog for deals and close outs and parts, and parts guns. Just updated. Odd Lots and Closeouts

These are the shows that HGW attends. We will be cutting back on shows, just doesn't seem to be like they used to.

Cave City, KY. .  Cave City Convention Center.
Cave City Gun Show

We'll maybe attending some shows in Indianapolis, IN,  Louisville, KY. and  Nashville, TN  in the future.

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