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Updated: Jan 2021

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Hoosier Gun Works (HGW). We're upgrading with the move we had in 2004 from Indiana, and are expanding the warehouse. We have attempted to add most of our parts to our computer, (lots more to add), to better serve you when you call. And we still have boxes and crates of goods stacked all over the place.

With the 2 additional phone  lines, we find it hard to keep up (keep trying you'll get us), or leave message, we will try to get back with a answer. E-mail too 24 / 7.  hoosiergw@gmail.com

 Photos are being slowly added as we have time to do so, not all items can be done, 200,000 items to photograph is a lot of work.

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Will be closed for  Following Holidays

Veterans Day November 11th
Thanksgiving holidays November 25th - 26th
Christmas  22th- 26th
New Years  December 31-2 January

Our Company got too big for its britches. No where to expand at old location in Indianapolis,  Indiana. 

If you are a an old customer, and lost contact with us,  please check Contact Us page, for new phone and address. The E-mail is still the same.

Sept 2004 
Moved  to better and bigger digs. Moved 200 miles south, to Glasgow, Kentucky area. Reconsolidating and getting back to the Wife's family.

June 2005 Still a lot of sorting to do, still stumbling over boxes full of stuff.

2008  Real Rural, finally we are Off of the  Satellite Internet service.  DSL is here.

May 2009 We expanded to a new  Warehouse, lots more room, but stuff still just gets stacked up. With bigger area to work from we look forward to do more things we wanted to do earlier;  maybe manufacturing some parts, duplicating stocks and retail space

May 2012 We now  offer a small Retail Space on  front of the  Warehouse
Fiber optic service for internet !!!  But still, Some  phone  issues.

May 2013  Business is Booming. Carrying more and more items

May 2104 Black Gun Business is slumping, too many companys  starting up. But  we are still going  strong

September 2014
Hunting  season is back in swing. Lots of  stocks and magaiznes  going out.

December 2104
Finally  got a VOIP  phone system that  should by-pass,  most of the  problems we 've been having with the  rural phone lines in the  area.
March 2015
Finally getting inventory more up todate. adding photos as time permits

June 2015
Working on the  retail space to make it easier to get to .Summer time is time to catch up on those projects.

September 2015
Seasons are picking up and  we are busy.  Just aquired a Gun Shop that went out of busines,  years of  stuff to go thru.

Working on it

Enlarged the  retail area of the  shop. More organized in the  warehouse. Getting  more photos of  items on line.

Just added a  companion  web site for  online  purchases
This is a feed of several Distributors we deal with. (not including items in warehouse).

Got something to sell ??   Shoe box of parts, truck load of  stocks or  complete shop of stuff ??
  We have to buy to sell.

Knew it was going to happen.  One of our Major Suppliers Champion Target is no longer making    Rifle or Shotgun synthetic stocks.  That was  40% of our business. Will have to find a way to fill the  void.

Kind of  neat to  find  boxes of  stuff from the  move in 2004, we had misplaced..  It's like  Christmas  sometimes.

We have  boxes of  parts we have no idea what they  go to. Wlill have to start adding to our  "what is it page".

Still going  strong  here.
The Cvoid-19 is  spreading  over the  Country (World),  keeping  folks at home. But keeping us busy  with parts orders.

Folks are in a panic mode buying  magazines, ammo and  Home Defence  firearms.

The 2020  Election is Coming and  speculation is keeping Firearm  sales   Booming.

 New  Year. Sales are crazy  can't keep up  with inventory.

With Remington  out of  business, it's near impossible to find  Remington, Marlin and other  products.

Covid  19 Sitill is  around.  causing  Ammo and   Product problems.

Running  Short on  some   standard  items we  try to stock.

October  2021
Ammo and supply  chains are  finally breaking loose. More  coming  down the line.

December  2021
Tornado Alley
December 10th Terrible  Damage to Westen Middle Kentucky.. 75 + Lives lost.

Some damage Just  5 Miles north of our location.. No damage here. Just power and phoine and Internet  down  for a day.

Doing all we can  for the  local area.  Pray for Kentucky.

Got something to sell ??   Shoe box of parts, truck load of  stocks or  complete shop of stuff ??  We have to buy,  to sell.

Interested in buying Military Mauser Rifles, as well as parts. Always looking for the following, M-1903's, M-1 Carbine, Garand and other military firearms and parts.

Send list of parts for sale or ship for evaluation.

Check out Odd Lots section in Catalog for deals and close outs and parts, and parts guns. Just updated. Odd Lots and Closeouts

These are the shows that HGW attends. We will be cutting back on shows, just doesn't seem to be like they used to.

Cave City, KY. .  Cave City Convention Center.
Cave City Gun Show

We'll may be attending some shows in Indianapolis, IN,  Louisville, KY. and  Nashville, TN  in the future.

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