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Phone  Hours Monday- Friday  10am- 6pm Central Time Zone

Web site always open. Email 24/7

No EXPORT SALES.  too many restrictions, Includes Canada also.
Sorry, but we do have a $10.00 minimum part order.

Contact Us

 We made our big move from Central Indiana to Southern Kentucky in 2005.  Iin 2009 We  moved  to  larger building . We  have a small  area  for retail, but If you are in the area and wish to pick up an item,  please call ahead to make prior arrangements.  Most of out business is mail order / Internet sales. We also attend some Gun Trade shows in  Kentucky, Upper Tennessee, and lower Indiana.

HGW is a small family owned company, with 2-5 employees depending on time of the year.

 We are adding  photos as we go.  We can't  get every item photographed. The transfer to a new server has a lot of the  photos not working, we are getting that straightened out.


Hoosier Gun Works
473 Park City  Bon Ayr Rd.,   Park City, KY. 42160.



E Mail must have a Firearm related subject line.
  E Mail , without this, or no subject. line, it will be deleted

Please call, if the Email's are not going through or bounce back

You can send E-mail 24 hours. We do get 200+ E-mails day, and try to answer all in a timely manner. 

Someone is usually in on Saturdays mornings  to answer e-mail. No phone contact on Weekends.

No instant  messages / texts answered.
Office Hours :

Info  :

10 am - 6pm  Monday- Friday. Central Time Zone

  270-749-2109 / 270-697-7854

If we are busy please leave a message,
one message is  sufficient.
Also, Leave messages after 6 pm , at this num

Feel free to Call  with "dumb questions" Just use the info line.

Some Long distance carriers are having a problem connecting to  our  local phone  company. If you have a problem  getting through,  please  email Us to let us know.

Orders Only:

Order line  For orders only

Central Time Zone
  10 am  - 6pm 
Monday - Friday.

If  we are busy,  leave a brief message.


No online ordering available. Instead of just pushing a button, We prefer to deal with customers individually  to make sure they receive the correct products.
Our stock is too diversified and many items are one of a kind. The cost of on line automation is prohibitive to a company of our small size..

Ok  we've heard from  a  lot  of  folks, so we've  and have started a online store. Not all items on  our web site are available there and  there may be some pricing  differences.

Visit our New  Online Store Shop at Hoosier Gun Works

Orders may be placed by Telephone or Fax.   E-Mail order  if you wish.

Info   270-749-2109  /  270-697-7854 Phone. Central Time Zone
9 am -6pm 
Monday - Friday.
Leave message 24/7

Order Line   800-497-7320  ORDERS ONLY 

10 am - 6pm  Monday - Friday.

AK and HI  call 270-697-7854  

Hoosier Gun Works  473 Park City Bon Ayr Rd. Park City, KY 42160


Mail orders accepted,  no personal checks. Please  print a copy of our fax order form. Or send information on a seperate a full-size page with info and contact information (we get  Money orders, but sometimes no info on order)

Print forms.          Mail Order Form

Include a Subject line in all E-mail's, none answered without a subject line.
There is usually someone in on Saturdays mornings  to answer e-mail's only.
No Instant messages answered 

Orders may be placed by email, but are not secure.

Occasionally, an item will go out of stock before your order is processed due to high order activity. If, for some reason, the product has gone out of stock, you will receive a phone or email notification within 24  hours. .

HGW is a small company 2-5 employees depending on time of the year  We are always out finding new and interesting things, moving goods in warehouse or helping other customers, answering other lines, so you may not be able get our staff all the time. Please leave a message, or email, and we will try to get back to you as soon as we are able. .

We have a  $10.00 minimum parts order amount (not including shipping), we have seen increased costs on small orders with invoicing, packing and charge card fees.

Call if your  com'in on over. We are concentrating on the  Web site.  Folks are welcome, not much of a Retail Store so, let us know.

No information about your order is released to any one. All personal information is kept confidential


Debit  Cards, Credit Cards:   Visa,  Master Card,  And  Discover, (Drawn on American Banks only).
No extra charge for using your Credit card 

American  Express (increases fees) . No Pay Pal (Anti-Gun)

We Welcome Money Orders, and Bank Checks.
   No personal Checks (if sent, it will be returned).

We do not have online ordering capabilities at this time.
Kentucky residents add 6% sales tax.
We can only hold orders for 7 days while awaiting funds. Include Name, Address, day time Phone number, or an Email address.

Shipping to the United States (50 States & D.C.) only. NO EXPORT SALES, No exceptions

Shippers Now calculate Zones by Size  and Weight of box.
All Shipping is done at posted rates we do not inflate the price for shipping..

UPS will  their rates 4.9 %   December  24  2018,  USPS  in January and again on June 23 2019

We  will determine  the  cost of  shipping  when ordering   and  give you the option for USPS or UPS shipping.

Most large orders / items are sent UPS.  
Cost is by weight and  size of package.  UPS has tracking information available and will cover first $100.00 of value. Cost is usually more for UPS.

USPS is used on smaller items, and if requested, on larger items but not always cheaper or quicker.  
USPS does now have tracking information.. Insurance is covered on Priority Mail for  first $50.00 over that it is extra.

Minimum USPS First Class  shipping is $ 4.80   (padded envelope). More fo added weight
Minimum USPS Priority is $7.80., and up more with added weight and size

With new  USPS distributions  systems, starting up, it is now taking an additional  1-3 Business days First Class and  2-3 Business days for Priority, for packages to arrive.

Alaska and Hawaii are sent USPS.

Shipping charges are based on actual cost of shipping and materials.
A fee of $1.00 is added  for large boxes for  firearms or rifle stocks.

UPS daily pickup is at 2PM , Monday thru Friday. For that reason most  UPS orders can not be shipped the same day  the  order is  taken.
USPS are taken to the  Post Office  three times weekly  (12 miles to Post Office).
USPS orders can not be shipped the same day  the order is taken.

Expedited  shipping is available (Next day, Second day), but still shipped in order received.
Additional $ 10.00 charge for this service.


Orders are shipped in order received, please be patient, it may take one  to three days  to reach your order (depending on volume, and time of Year) and to deliver to shipper. Average enroute shipping time is 3 days to 1 week. Once order is released to shipper, we have no control over shipping time to customer. 7 to 10 days  from placing order to you receiving is not unusual. Any damage occurring form shipping must be verified by Carrier, before refund or adjustment can be made.

 Hunting season and Christmas can cause shipping delays during these times. Orders may take 3-5 days longer during this time period to process and get out the door.


NO EXPORT SALES.    Includes Canada.

We do not ship Internationally and we do not accept payments from International Countries even if you have a USA shipping address.

"Export of the commodities described herein is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.S. Department of State, Office of Defense Trade Controls, prescribed in the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 120-130."

We do not have a Export Licence.

 Parts and Stocks were available at last posting date.  Web site is updated every 3-5 days or as time permits. We keep a listing on our computers but it may still be a day out of sync.

We try to keep up with inventory,  but due to the huge popularity of items listed on-line and the high volume of sales thus generated, some items are hard to keep up. And a specific item may  be on 'hold'  for another  customer.

 There may be times when an order is placed, but item has not been taken off of inventory and may already be sold. We will contact you as to this as soon as we are aware of this.

 Prices subject to change without notice. Not responsible for mizprints. No printed copy of the online Catalog is offered at present time, due to large influx and  turnover in goods.

 Parts are in good to new condition, as listed in catalog. We may have Parts and Stocks in lesser grades available also,
(most are not listed on line), but won't send unless told. 

 Parts are added constantly, so please call or email for items not listed. It never hurts to ask. There are many parts that we haven't yet placed in the Online Catalog.  Online Catalog represent only about one half of  the parts, stocks  on hand. We try to update the Online Catalog at least twice weekly, usually on a weekend, it get harder to do as we get busier.

 We can not offer photos of all individual items, this is too time consuming and we do not have the  resources to do this. If a photo is shown it may be representative of an item.  We are adding some photos as time and server space permits.

 On Military  Parts, we may have the part,  but we are not staffed to sort  by maker, our pickers are not always knowledgeable as to markings or proof marks. A handling charge may apply for specific Maker on these part if  we can find it..

 We offer no warranty or guarantee above and beyond what the the manufacturer has specified, this applies to firearms, and accessories. If there is a problem please return to manufacturer for remedy. Any damage occurring form shipping must be verified by Carrier, before refund or adjustment can be made.

 We are a firearms / Accessories dealer and not a service center. We do not repair firearms. All parts sold are sold are in  good  to new condition, as available. All parts and stocks sold in as is condition.

Returns and Cancellations

All refunds / credits will be at the discretion of HOOSIER GUN WORKS.

 You must contact Hoosier Gun Works within 3 business days of receipt of items, by phone or email for and get a  Return  Authorization Number.  Items with out a RAN will not be accepted.

Refunds / Credit allowed will be less shipping and a 15% restocking fee. Shipping charges for returns are responsibility of the customer. Shipping charges are not refundable. Refund will be processed  within one to two weeks after return.

Canceled orders by customers are subject to  a 5% Cancellation fee for processing and restocking, on orders that are invoiced and processed for shipment, but not yet shipped.

 All items must be sent back in same original condition as sent, in original factory packing.  Any item altered or used, will not be accepted for return. Returns will not be accepted for any reason after 14 business days after authorization.

Items received after 14 Days will not be eligible for a refund, or exchange and will be returned to the customer.

Return of new defective merchandise must be returned by customer to manufacturer for repair or replacement, this applies to firearms, and accessories. If there is a problem with an item please return to manufacturer for remedy.

  We are a Firearms / Accessories dealer and not a service center. We do not repair firearms.

All surplus firearms are sold as collectors items and as is. All used firearms are sold as is, most are not test fired before selling.

Improper use or installation of parts (stocks, barrels, bolts, parts, magazines) can be hazardous to life and limb. If you do not understand the process for installation of parts do not attempt installation without a qualified gunsmith. Parts are not drop in items, and should be installed and fitted by licensed Gunsmith.

Hoosier Gun Works assumes no liability for the improper use or installation of parts.

All used firearms should be checked by a competent licensed Gunsmith before firing. We have no testing facility for this purpose, and assume no liability for safe functioning of firearms or suitability of any accessory.

We accept no responsibility for any malfunctions in any products we sell. We offer no warranty or guarantee, above and beyond what the the manufacturer has specified (available through the manufacturer), this applies to firearms, and accessories. If there is a problem please return to manufacturer for remedy.

All material and information provided on this web site, unless specifically noted otherwise, is copyrighted material,  by the 2001  Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

All material and information (text and photos)  provided on this web site , unless specifically noted otherwise, is copyrighted material. Copying and/or downloading, including framing or mirroring, of any of this information for the purpose of distributing it to others is prohibited without the specific written permission of  Hoosier Gun Works

Visit our other  Store Shop at Hoosier Gun Works
Our Online store has different products than the items in our store.
This means that if you find a product in our online catalog, it very well may not be available in our store.
Also, prices may not the same as "in-store" prices.

Or continue to browse our  Warehouse web site here. Catalog

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