Firearms Purchases

Federal Law requires that all Modern Firearms be shipped only to a holder of a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL). Includes  Frames and Receivers
Antique firearms do not need to be shipped to a licensed dealer. These can be shipped directly to the buyer. An antique firearm is a firearm built  before 1898.

In State
To pick up at our location, please contact HGW first . All weapons are secured, and not on display.  All firearm purchases will be processed according to State, Local and Federal Law..

Coming from out of  State (KY). An FFL holder is needed in the transfer of modern  firearms (Rifle, shotgun,  pistols actions and receivers) . The  transfer the of the  firearm will be sent to the  FFL holder's address, for the buyer to receive.    Transfer fee  items   $15.00.    A background check will be done. on purchaser

Most Gun Stores (of which all have an FFL) will manage the transfer of the firearm for a small fee.
To find a FFL dealer near you go to  .

Individuals may ship  firearms to HGW without a  FFL. To verify our Statusas a Dealer  go to   and input 4-61-01849 in the  spaces.
HGW will need Identification of person sending.

 FFL     01 FFL
Need E-Mailed (as of November 2007) or hand signed copy by mail.
 Hand Guns can be sent USPS Priority (cheaper) , or UPS Next Day.   Rifles sent UPS or USPS.

Gun Broker will have our FFL on File for Transfers

C+R     03 FFL
Firearms over 50 years old  apply, as well as those on the BATF C&R list.  HGW requires a hard copy (mailed) of the C+R    We do not accept faxed copies of the C&R. Must be mailed.   We do not maintain a list of C&R licenses for future orders, due to the volume of these coming in..
Only Complete firearms only are covered.. Actions and Receivers do not qualify.  Hand guns must go UPS Next Day (some States require these go to  a 01 FFL).

All State , Local and Federal Laws are observed.

Sales to California  Require A FFL  With Calliforina Justice Department approval
We don not  ship to:
No Sales to New York
No sales to Massachusetts
No sales to New Jesey.
No sales to Washington D.C.
No sales of assualt  type rifles to Connecticutt.

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