Many Siamese Mausers are missing the  Floor Plate. Here is a  way to  remedy the situation.

Conversion for  Siamese Mauser floor plate from Japanese Model 38 floor plate
Japanese M-38 is on the   Left side.

Showing Cuts made to to adapt rear of follower, about 1/16 deep.  On either side of the  half  Moon area. Leave the area n the center of the Half Moon for the  trigger  release.

Cut away material to leave a tab on the  rear to lock to trigger guard,  Go slow at the end so as to not remove too much material.

Cut under front of locking plate, on front making a deeper to recess in trigger guard.

 Takes about  an hour, to cut properly.  Check fittin as you go.  A follower form the  same Japanese  M-38 rifle can also be fitted for the  Siamese.

We did one of these, and it worked great.   No  we are not making  more of these.

Good Luck,  Dave