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Bolt Action Rifle Length from center to center on triggerguard screws.

Action lengths
Make Model Short Long
Rem 700 6 1/2 7 3/8
Rem 788 6 3/4 7
Ruger 77 73/4 8/ 1/4
Ruger 77 MK2 7 5/8 8 3/4
Savage 110 4 1/2 5
Savage 10/11/12 4 1/4 5
Howa 1500 7 1/4 7 3/4
Win 70 7 1/8 7 5/8

Action Length calibers

Short Action includes: 222, 223, 243, 22-250, 243, 308, 7mm-08.

Long Action includes: 270, 30-06, 7mm, 7mm mag, 8mm, 300 mag, 375.

Magnum includes: 8mm mag, 416 mag, 416 Rigby

Stock Reference

Ram-Line Rifle stocks are not made for heavy weight (varmint series Barrel), or heavy magnums
375-458 magnum barrel contours.  Barrel channel is .75 at front of stock.

Ram-Line Rifle stocks weight 2 1/8 to 2 1/4 lbs, depending on model.

Length of pull 13 1/2". Over all length 32". Forend tip from receiver 12".

Ramline Rifle stocks


 A-Bolt only available for Long Action rifles, Not made for magnum or short action.
 For A-Bolt only, may not fit the A-Bolt II made after 1994

Enfield # 4 mk1
 This is a sporter stock 2 piece set with rubber pad. Will not fit the Enfield  # 4 mk 2 (forends are different)

M-1 Garand
 This is a sporter stock three piece set.  Metal will have to be used from original stock.

M-1 Carbine 
 Two piece set. Will not fit the Universal Carbine.


Rem M-700 BDL / 725 Triggerguard and hinged floor plate.

Rem M-700 ADL Trigger guard and blind magazine.

Rem M-721/722/ Trigger guard and blind magazine.

Remington M-721/722 (Use M-700 BDL) Customer needs to have some inletting on stock done.
Simple to do yourself in moments with a hand file, or knife. Lay action in stock
trace around area of barrel where rear sight is and remove action and cut out traced section.
Stock needs minor clearance for safety to slide back and forth.
Magazine box may be tight but will fit with patience. Original trigger guard can be used.

Remington M-7 and M-600 stock profile will be as a full size rifle stock, stock is not as
compact as on original. Length of forearms is 12 inches from receiver to forend tip.

Remington M-740 and M-7400 Ram-Line stocks will fit both of these models , the M-742 will also, work, takes a little extra wok to snap on the forearm completely. Made for M-742 made after 1975 only. Serial numbers after A 500,000.
Stock bolt on factory synthetic stock is longer than  the on needed for the Raml-Line stock set.   Coorect stock bolt is available for an extra charge.

Remington M-760 and M-7600 Ram-Line stocks will fit both of these
(spacer included for older model) . Stock bolt on factory synthetic stock is longer than  the on needed for the Raml-Line stock set.   Coorect stock bolt is available for an extra charge.


Mini-14 Stocks only made for for models with prefix after 182-
M-77.  No stock for the  Ruger  M-77 Lightweight models

Springfield 1903 or A3

Stock will have to be altered (inletted), if original (1903) sight base is left in place.
No bolt slot cut for sporter bolt handle, this will have to be modified..

M-110 / 111 / 112 / 116 model variations,.5 inch spacing on the screw holes.  All M-110's made after 1982 are long action regardless of caliber
M-200 in long action only.. 

Older versions with 4 1/2" and 4 1/4"  (J+K series) centers,  Stocks are not available, from Ram-Line.
Savage M-110 rifles made prior to 1978 may  not drop-in and may need some fitting (wider magazine box).

No stocks for M-10, M-16, M-12 short action.
No stocks for hinged floor plate models.
No stocks for left hand and clip-fed (CL).
No stocks for the Varmint barrels.
No stocks for the M-110 with Accu-trigger (receiver is contoured differently).

Below are letters that following Model number (can be a combination of letters).

G - Hardwood,
F - Synthetic,
C - Clip,
E - Economy,
NS - No Sights,
T - Target,
SE - Safari Express,
P - Police,
V - Long Range Varmit (26 inch HY Barrel),
SS - Stainless Steel,
XP - Package Gun (scope, case),
Y - Youth,
K - Muzzle Brake,
AK - Adjustable Muzzle Brake,
B - Laminate,
D - Deluxe (Walnut Checkered),
M - Magnum,
M L - Muzzle Loader
PE - Presentation grade (upscale wood and finish),
S - HVY Barrel Shiloute,
WLE -1 of 1000, extra high grade,
CU - Classic ultra
U -   Ultra High Luster
J -   Older Series with shorter action (1956-1978)


MK-5 only for Japanese only, Long action and Magnum, up to 300 Magnum caliber's.

Howa and Vanguard, short action and long action.
Mossberg M-1500, S&W M-1500 also.
Not made for Varmint barrels.
No stocks made for the for clip fed models.


Winchester M-70 Trigger guard and hinged floor plate.
Winchester M-70 made from 1965  to 1985 were all long action.
Winchester M-70 Short action came out in 1985
Winchester M-70 Pre-64's were all long action. No featherweight stocks for this model..
Winchester M-70 Long and short are available in  standard and featherweight.
Winchester M-670 / 770 / 70A / Ranger. Trigger guard only, with blind magazine all caliber's.

Will not fit M-70  XTR Sporter with squared front trigger guard.
No stock made for the Winchester Super Short Magnum (SSM). Action 6.5 "
 No stock made for Black shadow M-70 in Short action.

RAMLINE info for the following lever action models.

Marlin Pistol grip stocks: 30A, 336, 336C, 336CC, 336CS, 336W, 336SS.
(30-30, .35 Rem only). Only for models with barrel band

Not made for models with forearm cap. Not for Models, 30AS, 30AW, 336M, 336SC, 336A, 336T, 336 TC, 336DT,

No stocks made for the Marlin M-94 or the M-1895 series rifle or guide guns.

Winchester M-94 Straight grip models only. No Pre-1964 models.
Trapper Model is for hand gun caliber's ( 357, 44-40, 45LC ).

Only for models with barrel band. not for any models with forearm cap.
Not made for models with new safety on the rear tang. (some folks have adapted these though)

RAMLINE info for the following shotgun models. Only made in 12 ga.

Mossberg M-500, Only those made prior to 1996 Models only, 12 ga only with double bars.
Serial number K850XXX or older. (7 5/8 " tube)
Not for Crown grade,  M-835, M-590 or 500A.

For the Newer Models after 1996, M-500 series (6 1/2" tub).  We do have some Factory Camo stock sets,   Call in  for more info.

Browning A-5 stocks and forearms (Magnum and LWT, 12 ga only).
A-5 sets will not interchange with Remington M-11 series shotguns.
No stocks made for BPS or Gold Models.

Remington M-870 12 Ga, and M-1100/11-87, 12 ga only.
Older M-870 ands M-1100 in 20 gauge made prior to 1974 also.
Stock bolt on factory synthetic stock is longer than  the one needed for the Ram-Line stock set.  
Correct stock bolt is available for an extra charge.

No stock set made for the M-870 Super Mag, or the M-11-97 Auto.
No stocks for the Remington M-11.

Winchester M-120/1200 and M-140/1400 12 ga only.
Butt stock will fit 20 ga, but the  forearm will be a bit loose.


Note on Mauser's rifles. Ram-Line  are made for the following.
Large Ring military, M-98, M-24 series.
Large Ring sporters Interarms, Parker Hale, FN, and others.
Small Ring military, Swedish M-38 / 96, Spanish M-93 and others
See Reference below about Mausers.

Note to MAUSER owners: Below is a break down of Mauser actions.

Large Ring/Small Ring size is determined by the diameter of the front receiver.

A Large Ring M98 Mauser action is, 1.40" dia receiver ring, 8.70" in length, with
screw spacing of 7.835".
Including M98 from WWI and WW2, Cz-24, VZ-24, M-44 Spanish and many others.
Military M-98, with Military barrels Ramline #21981, with Sporter barrels Ramline #20981.
No stock for varmint or heavy barrels.

A Small ring Mausers are 1.30" in dia. and are 8.50" in length, with screw spacing of
These include M-93-96 by Spain, Sweden, Germany. Ramline #20961


Some stocks can be modified to fit, but will require inletting and some alteration.

A large number of M48 Yugoslavian large ring M98 Mausers have recently been dropped on the market.
This M-98 version is considered an intermediate action, and WILL NOT fit a
Standard 98 Mauser stock.

The M1910, M1936 Mexicans by FN and Mexico, 1.30" dia. receiver ring, 8.50" in length,
with screw spacing of 7.620".
Receiver contour is slightly different from Small ring.

The WWI German KAR98A, 1.30" dia. receiver ring, 8.70" in length, with screw spacing
of 7.835" (long action, small ring)

Intermediate Large ring action Mausers, 1.40" dia. receiver ring, 8.50" in length
with screw spacing of 7.620"
M24 Mexicans by FN and Belgium, the M24, M47, M48 by FN and Yugoslavia.

Mauser factory commercial magnums 1.50" in dia., 9.240" in length, have a hole spacing
of 8.207".

Camo Painting
Customer can paint stock as you wish, any pattern is fairly easy to do. Camo pattern not hard to do.  First clean stock , with an oil free cleaner. Epoxy paints work best.
Get  several colors of epoxy matte finish fash drying paint, chose colors that match terrain you might be using the firearm in.

Apply base coat of paint  (light color best) to stock and using a leaf (or other object)  hold leaf  1-2" inches above stock, lightly spray over leaf causing a over spray pattern surrounding the leaf on to the stock. Alternate leaf or shapes around using different colors.  Presto! Camo pattern for cost of paint, and less in less than one hour

Ram-Line 10-22 magazines.
We find that lead bullets, and standard velocity loads will not always feed properly. 
Best ammo we have founf that works is Federal Classic HV or CCI Mimi Mag  Round Nose.
Cheap 22 LR in lead in Winchester and Blazer are the worst offender in jamming.

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