Take em all. $200.00  Shipping extra About  30 Lb.s  Depends on your ZIP Code
Here's a listing of the  cameras. Cameras will have  lenses, unless noted. Lenses are  probably worth more than the  cameras.
Photos at the  bottom. There is another  Box with  camera bags and  misc camera stuff not shown.

Here is also a box of   accessories of Misc.
A few misc lenses,  lenses caps and other stuff

Group of  cheapies

Time Magazine   Camera 50mm 1.6

Meiko ELX 50mm

Imperial MX-135 38mm f4

GAF   MEMO 35ee 38mm 1:2.7

Minolta AUTOPAK,  38mm 1:2.8

No batteries, working condition unknown, sold as is.


Cannon Av-1, 35mm SLR.   Cannon FD   lens,   50mm 1.18.  Dent on bottom of lens.  No battery, working condition unknown.

Cannon   T-50, Cannon FD lens,   50mm 1.18. No batteries, working condition is unknown.

And MISC. owner’s manuals (AE-1)


Minolta XG-1, Minolta Lens,  MD 50mm-1.2.  Working  condition is  unknown.

Minolta AF Maxxum   7000., Minolta   AF lens 5mm 1.17 It is missing the battery   compartment.


Ricoh RX10M with SAKAR lens, 50mm 1.7. No battery, the working condition unknown.

 Ricoh KR-5 Super   with unknown lens F135 1.28 MC auto. Nice camera and combo.  Looks  to be working OK,   needs   fresh batteries.

Ricoh XR10M,  RICOH Rikenon lens  15mm 1.2


 Early Nikon auto 35, Nikkor Lens  48mm 1.2 with bottom case.  Working condition unknown.

Early Nikkorx model F, no lens.  The working   condition is  unknown.


Yashica FX-70 with Yashica lens 50mm 1.19, No batteries, working condition unknown.

Yashica FX-3 with Yashica lens 50mm 1.2, seems to work, needs fresh batteries.


ZENIT –B, with 44mm 2.5 lens. Made   in USSR.


BESELER Topcon.  Lens auto Topcor  50mm 1.18 with extra Topcor auto lens 50mm 1.28


Fujica AZ-1, Fujinon-z lens F43-75 1.35-4.5 Seems to work, needs fresh batteries.

Fujica STX1, Fujinon  35mm lens 1.22 and it seems to works.


Konica C-X, Konica lens AR 50mm 1.7 nice conditions seems to function good, needs battery (AAA).


Polaroid   Land Camera,   Automatic  420 no manual. Working condition unknown.